Developers and Fortune 500 Companies Embrace Private Cloud Services

private cloudPrivate clouds are helping fortune 500 companies cut large amounts of time off their development cycles, a trend that is expected to accelerate as we near the year 2020.

Lead developers at major companies such as PayPal and Samsung are using virtualized hardware from Virtual Internet to internally control their software and IT operations rather than manage this complex infrastructure on-premise.

“At PayPal, developers used to have to fill out as many as 100 forms and sit through hours of meetings to roll out a small services,” said CNN Money.

A private cloud has unplugged this bottleneck through a testing portal, which allows programmers to test, change and deploy new code, rapidly. The goal is for a feature or service to go from a developer workstation to a live service in an hour or less.

In many instances, Virtual Internet customers are moving non-mission critical apps such as CRMs and in some cases, email systems, to public clouds to get a feel for the technology before moving entire IT infrastructures to remote hosting environments.

Development teams are using OnApp Xen and VMware enterprise clouds to test new software code in virtualized sandboxes before pushing out to live production environments. Those companies with extremely sensitive data, including government agencies and health entities, may pursue private cloud infrastructure (or a hybrid configuration which blends collocation with a public cloud).

In all the scenarios mentioned above, the public, private or hybrid cloud technology is allowing small and large companies to scale quickly without complexity, on-demand, using a utility pricing model.

BestBuy.com is a prime example of how private cloud services can transform internal IT.

“With the new cloud system, developers can test features in exactly the way they’ll function on the live site. Because the process is so easy, developers are more likely to experiment. Our teams are free to innovate.”

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