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Five advantages of running a SQL Server database in a cloud environment or virtual machine

Most IT departments have heard cloud this or cloud that plenty of times, from the latest tech news to upper management thinking it’s a great buzzword. The cloud is more than just the latest technology fad, however. Gartner’s cloud computing report indicates that 30% of the Global 1000 businesses are predicted to use at least two cloud services by 2014. Currently that number sits at 5%. Many elements of your IT infrastructure can be sent to the cloud, from your email servers to your entire network. The question is, why should you consider taking mission critical elements, such as your MySQL databases, to the cloud?

5. Techcrunch reports on Google’s Cloud SQL API. This API greatly increases the possibilities for Google’s Cloud Platform, as you no longer need to use Google’s own administration interface to handle cloud instances.

4. The scalability that comes from cloud hosted MySQL databases can’t be matched by physical or dedicated machines. You don’t want to ship in a bunch of database servers for temporary needs, but cloud-based MySQL databases are perfect for this kind of situation.

3. Outsourcing maintenance. Technology continues to advance, but management’s spending on IT department staff usually doesn’t scale in quite the same way. If you’re already overloaded with network administration, sending parts of the infrastructure to the cloud allows you to offload maintenance and update tasks to the cloud provider. You can’t be completely hands-off, but every little bit helps.

2. You can purchase only the database service. Some cloud companies only offer MySQL database hosting through a cloud-based hosting account. Recently companies started offering databases as a service, allowing you to pay only for the databases and not for a hosting account you don’t have any use for.

1. High availability. There’s nothing more painful in the world than dealing with a critical database going down during high traffic and sales times. Cloud-based MySQL databases give you protection against this with high availability technology and distributed resources.

Cloud computing, from software as a service up to infrastructure as a service, continues to grow in popularity. You don’t need to take the early adopter risk, but it’s a good idea to understand exactly how the cloud benefits you, your business, and your IT infrastructure.

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