VI.NET In Netcraft’s Top Five Most Reliable Hosting Providers’ List For June 2013

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Most Reliable Hosting Providers

We’re pleased to have made fourth position in Netcraft’s Top Ten Most Reliable Hosting Companies for June 2013. Netcraft measures and publishes the response times of leading hosting companies.

VI.NET are no stranger to Netcraft’s top ten most reliable list, appearing multiple times, most recently in May 2013. VI.NET’s Managing Director Patrick McCarthy stated: “We’re delighted to have made Netcraft’s top ten hosting providers’ list two months in a row. It’s a great demonstration of our consistency and continual efforts to provide enterprise-class hosting, that is not only high performance but also extremely reliable.”

Netcraft rank their list by fewest failed requests and time to connect, shortest first to give an indication of network capacity as well as congestion. These performance indicators are made at 15 minute intervals from various points around the internet, calculated over a 24 hour period.

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