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Consider Server and Database Clustering to Achieve Higher Performance Levels

For the last several years U.K. and U.S. enterprises and SMEs have been using server and/or database clustering to apply the principles of grid computing and ultimately save organizations thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.

Leveraging load balancing to carry out maintenance with zero downtime, clustering offers a powerful and stable architecture to pursue agile IT, preferably via a third-party hosting provider with the underlying IaaS infrastructure to support this approach.

In particular, database clustering can offer the following benefits:

  • High availability
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Scalable resources
  • Highly managed infrastructure
  • Stable support for dynamic workloads and new types of applications

In general, a sever clustering configuration on a Virtual Internet platform will provide unlimited space, better response times and rock-solid security in the Internet age.

Traditionally, computing architecture has relied on silos of hardware and software resources that are specifically dedicated to a particular set of apps or certain datacenter operations.  While useful, it does not allow for scalability and repurposing of computing power to areas where demand is greatest, especially during seasonal spikes in activity such as Christmas or Easter.

Clustering solves this issue for IT managers, by allowing remote datacentres in the cloud to dynamically pool and provision resources at higher efficiency rates.  This can sometimes translate into 80-90% utilization (of database servers in particular) while achieving remarkable service level reliability.

A web hosting company can offer streamlined infrastructure to implement clustering including simplified methods to add more nodes and scale up clusters, thereby leading to improved performance.

This is especially important to businesses that operate around the clock 24/7 and require absolute confidence in their server and database infrastructure.


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