The benefits of colocation

While the colocation hosting model is being pressured by other flavors of server delivery including virtual private servers, private clouds, and hybrid cloud implements, it continues to be a major drawcard for IT managers and companies who wish to maintain control and ownership of compute, storage and network devices.

This is especially true for IT managers responsible for operations in industries such as Healthcare, Security and Banking. While the cloud is remarkably resilient in dealing with traffic ‘bursting’ and general up and down scalability, a colocation model gives you maximum control and ownership over hardware resources.

By colocating a server in a remote web hosting facility, an IT manager can immediately tap the engineering and security resources offered by the web host without having to deal with these issues internally at a on-premise facility.

Biometric scanners, closed circuit cameras and sophisticated alarm systems all work together to protect the server and its complementary network equipment. Since the web host employs 24/7 engineers, an IT manager can reach out to access more resources as he needs them.

Further, these remote datacentres are usually built in areas that are impervious to natural disasters making your life much simpler and stress free. Backup generators and sophisticated disaster recovery services are all present in the modern day datacenter giving your applications and data the best chance of survival should any calamity hit, which is unlikely.

Further you only invest in the resources you need based on your risk profile. Running a datacenter is expensive, complex and not for the feint-hearted. There are a number of technical obstacles to overcome which are compounded daily by the increasing number of users that access data and apps over the Internet.

Colocation allows administrators the ability to remotely install their own network, server and data storage configurations to reduce staff overhead, cost and complexity.

It remains an extremely popular form of hosting that can be used in tandem with a cloud footprint.

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