The Dawn Of A New Business Year

What could the New Year mean for your business?

First of all, we’d like to wish you all a very happy New Year! 2014 was a great one, and we’re hoping that this year brings you health and prosperity.

Moving forward into a New Year brings with it the chance to take a fresh look at your business, take risks and shake things up a little. While we’re not suggesting you necessarily have to make huge changes, a pre-spring clean-out and tidy-up should be on the cards.

Research shows that January is the most depressing time of the year, and the January blues are already settling in around the globe. So why not make a couple of New Year’s business resolutions, drawing up some expectations for the year ahead and reflecting on what could be improved on from 2014?

We’ve put together a few suggestions below:

  • Reflect: Take some time out this January to sit down with your team and discuss 2014. Was it a success? What could be improved upon? Be sure to listen to team members from all areas to be sure that you have a happy and productive workforce: they keep things ticking over! Write down all points made at the meeting and work out some goals for the coming year – you can consult the list when 2016 comes knocking, and measure the success of 2015.
  • Celebrate: Did you throw a Christmas party? We’d hope so. If not, January is a good time to get a deal on a party venue; celebrate the past year with a treat! Business get-togethers are a great way to meet new people within the company, and a good opportunity for your team to let off some steam!
  • Try something new: Change is good, embrace it. No matter how prosperous your 2014 was, make a resolution to do something different this year. Why not try a new marketing method, or test the social media waters? Harvesting the power of the Twittersphere could widen your market considerably. There’s no need for a complete overhaul (unless your 2014 was under par). A few minor tweaks should help keep things moving though.
  • Throw a sale: It’s January, a time for us all to empty our wallets on slash-priced goods. Could your business benefit? Why not throw a flash sale to get some revenue made early on? There’s no time like the present to give your biz a boost.
  • Spruce up the website: Is your business online? Make sure your online presence packs a punch with a hosting solution from Virtual Internet.

We’re looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for us techie types. Will the Apple Watch be everything we hope it could be? What other wearable technology will we be presented with over the next 52 weeks? Could the next iPhone see a screen even bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus, without the bending? It’s all to come… At the moment, we’re excited about seeing the screen adaptation of Stephen Hawking’s life: The Theory Of Everything.

Here’s to 2015!

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