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cPanel Price Increase: What You Need To Know

In June 2019, cPanel announced a major change in its pricing structure that may affect your VI.NET account. While the internet immediately filled with protest and shock, the aftereffects are now beginning to be felt. Providers across the web hosting industry are releasing new cPanel pricing. Let’s take a look at how you may be affected… 

How cPanel pricing has changed

Earlier this year, cPanel was acquired by venture capitalist tech company, Oakley Capital. Based on these changes cPanel announced its decision to switch from the historically used per-server pricing model to a new, and potentially much more expensive, per-user or per-account pricing structure. 

Users who currently utilize one account on only one server will notice a very small price increase to their monthly cPanel bill. However, a user who utilizes or resells a server with tens or even hundreds of accounts, then they could see increases to their cPanel bill as high as 1000% percent. 

Previous cPanel’s pricing licensed an entire server for around $45 per month or $425 per year. Each user occupying space on that server was included in this one fee. Moving forward, cPanel will require each individual user or account to pay a separate cPanel fee. For more information, please see the new cPanel pricing Account Tiers on the cPanel website

Important: Note that the first three tiers (Solo, Admin, and Pro) are pricing for cloud usage only. The Premier package is for both Cloud and Metal. However, note that the Premier package covers up to 100 accounts. Additional accounts cost an extra $0.20 each for as many as 1000 accounts. cPanel accounts in excess 1000 accounts incur an additional, separate fee. 

What can you expect on your cPanel hosting bill?

cPanel’s pricing changes shocked the web hosting community as a whole. Unfortunately, the cPanel pricing structure change is so drastic that web hosts are forced to pass at least some of the cost onto users. Both providers and users will notice a change in pricing, but how severe depends on individual hosting configurations and the web host’s updated cPanel pricing plans.

The VI.NET team has been working hard to mitigate the price hike as much as possible to avoid raising your cPanel prices. However, like other web hosts, we are unable to absorb it entirely. Please keep an eye on your email inbox as we will soon contact you regarding your cPanel hosting accounts. If you have questions about cPanel pricing changes, your current cPanel accounts, or anything else related to your VI.NET account, please contact our expert technical support team. They are available around the clock to answer your questions.

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