UK Government Publishes Guidance Document on Cloud Services

Government UK Cloud

“This guidance is intended to help organisations consider the security features of cloud services they wish to use. It is the first of a number of guidance documents for the public sector relating to the use of cloud services to process OFFICIAL information. “ ~ UK Government


Automating Virtual Datacentres for ISVs

Software developer

While many business leaders are now internalizing the general benefits of cloud technology, including the ability to scale resources up or down during seasonal spikes in activity, there is perhaps one area that should be discussed more: Automation.


Consider Server and Database Clustering to Achieve Higher Performance Levels

Server clustering

For the last several years U.K. and U.S. enterprises and SMEs have been using server and/or database clustering to apply the principles of grid computing and ultimately save organizations thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.


Revisiting Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): How We Can Help IT Departments

Cloud IaaS

The economic benefits of choosing to implement a virtual infrastructure are well known. According to the PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) 5th Annual Digital IQ Survey, corporate executives are now presenting IT departments with new challenges. The survey mentions that organizations are now looking to their technology departments to help them secure a competitive advantage in their specific markets. The PwC survey highlights Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as one of ten top trends in technology that is set to help IT departments satisfy the new goals placed before them.


Five advantages of running a SQL Server database in a cloud environment or virtual machine

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Most IT departments have heard cloud this or cloud that plenty of times, from the latest tech news to upper management thinking it's a great buzzword. The cloud is more than just the latest technology fad, however. Gartner's cloud computing report indicates that 30% of the Global 1000 businesses are predicted to use at least two cloud services by 2014. Currently that number sits at 5%. Many elements of your IT infrastructure can be sent to the cloud, from your email servers to your entire network. The question is, why should you consider taking mission critical elements, such as your MySQL databases, to the cloud?