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Server automation and the Cloud do not threaten IT jobs


The storage giant EMC has argued that in fact the cloud and the push towards automated systems will not diminish the need for IT personnel. This comes amongst fears that the transformation of the way we process data through cloud hosting solutions, mobile web and ‘big data’ will affect the IT job market, a staple…

Cloud Growth


It has been reported this week that spending on cloud computing is growing at a faster rate than overall IT spending and will therefore pose a challenge to legacy hardware and software vendors. Cloud computing is expected to experience rapid growth moving forward, starting in 2012 by growing a further 19%. This will make it…

Is a private cloud the “Promised Land”?


Many companies out there are reluctant to activate public cloud services because they doubt the hosting provider’s ability to reliably deliver on security, compliance and “trust”. They recognize the flexibility, scalability and cost benefits of migrating to a cloud platform but are not quite convinced that providers have what it takes to deliver on the…

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