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How satellites deliver cloud services to remote areas


Over the last 12 months, Virtual Internet has been rolling out a host of new services including on-demand virtual servers and pay-as-you-go virtual data centers. But, cloud computing is not just restricted to remote virtualization services over the Internet; it is also slowly making its presence felt via satellite services to remote outlying regions which…

Virtual Internet issues ‘cloud’ warning to IT Managers


LONDON, England Feb. 3, 2011 — With cloud computing set to account for 80% of all computing provisioned through the Internet by 2020, Virtual Internet reports an explosion of interest in private and public cloud services in the first phase of 2011. While Xen Sandbox Clouds and Enterprise VMware cloud servers are now regularly outselling…

Cloud Heavyweights light up virtualization arena in recent days


The enterprise cloud marketplace has been buzzing recently with some of the big players in the virtualized space announcing some nifty new features and signed contracts. (We would also like to remind customers to check out our new Xen Sandbox Servers and big-gun VMware Enterprise Clouds as we head into the New Year in 2011.)…

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