A flexible environment to meet changing data needs

Enjoy the benefits of flexibility and elasticity that cloud hosting delivers, combined with the added control of dedicated servers. With the hybrid model, tasks can be allocated to cloud servers or dedicated servers depending on which is most suitable.

Hybrid Cloud offers the best of both worlds. Maintain mission critical and compliance-regulated websites and applications on a dedicated server, and use the cloud for spikes in workload or as a testing and development environment. Or maintain transaction heavy databases on dedicated servers while using the cloud for the rest of the workloads.

Virtual Internet can create a custom hybrid cloud hosting management solution to meet your exact requirements using our public or private clouds and dedicated servers.

The best of both worlds - dedicated and public or private cloud

Instead of having to choose between platforms, hybrid cloud offers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both. IT departments can decide what data and applications should reside on which platform, which can help minimiz e resource overcapacity. For example, highly sensitive data such as customer credit cards can be held on a private cloud or dedicated server, while less sensitive data can be housed on a public cloud.

Connected by one console

Virtual Internet's hybrid cloud solutions come together with VMware's vSphere, a management console that enables IT to seamlessly and securely move workloads from a dedicated server to the cloud and back again.

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38We know that Virtual Internet's Managed Hosting can cope with exceptional demands and we are proud to have them as our server hosting partner for the Offshore Sailing Challenges team.