Colocation options &amps; benefits
  1U 2U 1/4 Rack (10U) 1/2 Rack (21U) Full Rack (42U)
Power 0.4 AMPS 1 AMPS 2 AMPS 4 AMPS 8 AMPS
Bandwidth 1 TB
(4 mbps)
2 TB
(6 mbps)
5 TB
(15 mbps)
20 TB
(65 mbps)

40 TB
(130 mbps)
Gbps Options available tick
Helping Hands Free Reboots
Free Reboots
30 minutes
Free Reboots
1 Hour
Free Reboots
2 Hours
Free Reboots
Network Speed 100 Mbps connections 1 Gbps connections
IP Addressing IP addresses included / Customer IP announcement options available
APC Options available tick
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Powerful, flexible Datacenters and colocation benefits

Mission critical IT requires a Datacenter capable of orchestrating a high degree of uptime and availability coupled with redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones.

IT leaders demand that infrastructure conform to ANSI/TIA standards and integrate flawlessly across telecommunications, power, HVAC and supporting structures. A Tier 4 Datacenter meets these requirements ensuring planned activity does not disrupt critical loads or enterprise business applications vital to company revenue.

In addition, colocated services offer businesses further options to maintain ownership and tight control of the hardware (and related equipment) found under either the traditional or managed colocation model.

Uptime guarantee

Virtual Internet Datacenters pursue a 99.995% uptime or less than 0.4 hours annual downtime to ensure maximum redundancy for enterprises reliant on stable, robust and powerful server infrastructure.

Streamline operations

By eliminating legacy infrastructure servers customers can remove comatose servers, streamline hardware upgrades and enable power saving features that decrease cost and e revenue.

Green IT

Increasing regulation and cost associated with Datacenter carbon emissions and power consumption mitigates the migration of legacy in-house infrastructure to remote, scalable and energy-efficient hosted infrastructure.

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Virtual Internet owns and operates one of the largest Datacenters in the US, over 10000 square feet, supported by a team of cloud and infrastructure engineers. Dedicated account directors can help plan a new remote datacentre configuration for businesses seeking to reduce complexity, lower costs and e business revenue. Contact us now.

48We need to make our game and its assets available around the globe, with the best possible performance, something we could only achieve with the help of CDN technology. Virtual Internet has been a key partner to meet this objective thanks to their competitive pricing and sound platform.