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I recently transferred an existing website to one of VI's cloud servers. The switch over was made in the evening and by the next morning I'd received an email from the website owner saying that one of his users had already commented that the site was so much faster. While setting up and testing the new installation I was helped by Luxman, one of VI's hosting support team, not only did he sort any problem out, he also supplied examples of the command lines he had used. This improves my knowledge and enables me to do the job next time. Therefore, I don?t need to pester the support team so often, leaving them more time to assist those who do need their skills. I wish all hosting support teams were as forthcoming and helpful.

Andy Gilbert, Director - routeToWeb Limited


Choose colocation hosting with VI and take advantage of the largest bandwidth allocation of any UK server colocation provider and some of the most sophisticated facilities too. At our 10,000 square foot London colocation datacentre, we use redundant power, air conditioning and multiple data carriers to provide constant service and security. Whether you need a single server unit or a whole rack, we have colocation solutions available for any size of business.

Drop off or ship your hardware to us and we'll take care of everything else.

Options 24U Colo 42U Colo
Power 4 Amps 8 Amps
Data Transfer 20,000 Gb 40,000 Gb
Highest UK Allocation
Gigabit Speed
Gigabit Unmetered Option
APC Option
Remote Hands 1 Hour 2 Hours
IP Addresses 8 16

Additional Services

As this is a private rack colocation service, customers are required to ship the hardware to our datacentre and we will take care of the power and cabling. We then send you the IP address and connection details for the machine so that you are able to access it. We offer several services to help you manage your hardware.

Remote Hands

We have a remote hands service available where an engineer will attach a terminal to the hardware and carry out any repairs you need. We charge a fixed fee per hour for this service.

KVM Rental

If you don't already have a KVM card in your server, we will rent you one of our mobile KVM terminals for a small one-off fee. Simply contact our support department and they will setup the KVM solution immediately.

IP Announcement

Need to use your own IP addresses or announce your own AS number? For a one-off fee we will setup the announcement on our network.


If you do not have rack mounted servers or other appliances, you will need to put the hardware on a shelf. You can rent a shelf from us for a one-off fee.

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