Virtual Datacenter - The future of server deployment and management

A Virtual Datacenter empowers organisations to automate their own resource allocation on demand and avoid external IT bottlenecks that limit growth and escalate costs.

Your own internal IT departments are able to deliver high-quality services with a reduced headcount and improved time to market. Virtual dedicated cloud servers allow business managers to reduce operating costs and respond to business demands much faster by automating disaster recovery, ensuring compliance and increasing competitive advantage. Infrastructure error rates are reduced through integrated, automated workflows.

Virtual Internet has two cloud Datacenter options available to you depending on your business needs:

Enterprise Virtual Datacenter

Choose eVDC if you already use VMWare are looking to move to IaaS and require a managed enterprise level cloud hosting.

  • Built on VMWare technology with vCloud Director
  • Easy to import VMWare servers
  • Deploy complex hosting environments with a single click
  • Fixed or pay-as-you-go billing options
Enterprise Virtual Datacenter information

Global Virtual Datacenter

Choose gVDC if you are looking to deploy cloud servers around the world using a simple and easy to use control panel.

  • 18 locations worldwide
  • Includes reseller control panel
  • Point and click server deployment
  • Easy to manage server images
Global Virtual Datacenter

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You're in control - Launch servers, software stacks, allocate resources and activate websites immediately.   Point and click solutions - simply select the resources you want from the comfort of your own chair and your resources are launched within minutes.
Increased agility and scale on demand - increase or decrease resources without downtime, deal with unexpected events immediately.   No need to liaise with suppliers - don't wait in queues for support tickets, deploy your own servers at will 24/7.
Flexible payment options - Pay as you go / to the minute payment options ensure you never pay for more than you need or use.   Self healing - servers can re-launch themselves if their hardware fails, without any need for intervention.

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47Cloud hosting gives me the flexibility my business needs. At our fast-moving pace, it's great to be able to make changes on the fly without lengthy discussions or new paperwork.