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Managed Servers

Managed web hosting you can depend on

Virtual Internet managed hosting looks after the server hardware and software maintenance on the customer's behalf including patching and updates, monitoring and performance. Managed web hosting services deliver expert technical resource to address supported issues that may arise, update applications, do the necessary security patching and monitor a customer's servers to ensure it is always up.

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Managed Support options

Standard support includes the set up and configuration of your server as well as the initial configuration of standard monitoring services for your server. Access to 1 st line support is available 24 hours a day and is on hand to offer support should your server require assistance.

Advanced Support is our entry level Managed support service designed for those who either don’t have experience in managing servers or who would like to offload server tasks and work loads to our engineers. It includes set up and configuration of your server and a direct access to 3 rd line server experts when you need them, offering help from installing software, configuring security, troubleshooting and getting the best from your Dedicated Server.

Proactive Support puts your server in the hands of our engineers. We configure, monitor, update and proactively manage your server and operating system on your behalf. In the event that the server encounters an issue our engineers are alerted and proactively investigate and rectify the situation without your intervention. Our highly trained and certified engineers configure and manage your dedicated server to ensure that your websites and applications run at optimal performance and security.


Service Standard: SSLA Advanced: ASLA Proactive: PSLA
Network Availability 100% 100% 100%
Scope of Support P-P-P* Everything excluding application Everything excluding application
09.00 – 17.30 Support
Server Set up and configuration £100
Hours of additional support* 0 4hrs 2hrs
24 Hrs Monitoring (upon customer request)** HTTP+2 events 13 events Unlimited events
Alerts notifications Proactive: to our team
Hardware replacement
Dedicated Account Manager
Direct access to 3rd line experts
Server admin & Troubleshooting On Request
Mode of support *** Reactive Reactive Proactive
Monthly cost Included as standard £150/month £250/month
* Additional support is anything other than power, ping and pipe and hardware diagnosis.
** Customers who require monitoring need to be configured within the VI Monitoring System. (
*** Reactive requires the customer to contact VI regardless of whether or not VI have seen an alert. Proactive - VI contacts the customer to inform and investigate.


Virtual Internet have advanced monitoring systems to keep both our engineers and you alerted to warnings and system failures on your server(s), as well as overall and continual performance & health of your hosted environments. Should any component being monitored stop working on your Server(s), you will be alerted allowing you to act on any hardware or Operating System related issues. If you choose a proactive support option, our engineers will handle the alerts and rectify them on your behalf.

These are provided in the following ways:

  • Server availability
  • Server performance
  • Database availability
  • Packet loss
  • Email ports
  • Resource usage (memory, swap files, temp folders, processes, zombies etc)


Server Notifications:

The monitoring of any services running on your servers, such as web, ftp, SQL are performed continually and in the event that a particular service should stop, SMS and email notifications are sent out by the VI monitoring systems alerting you and VI engineers. This allows for quick resolution of incidents and effective service continuity.

Examples of services which can be monitored are:
  • HTTP/HTTPs web addresses
  • Databases MySQL/MS SQL
  • System load
  • ICMP (ping)
  • POP3 and SMTP
  • Telnet/SSH/RDP devices
  • TCP/IP ports


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