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State of the Art Data Centres In the UK and USA

I recently transferred an existing website to one of VI's cloud servers. The switch over was made in the evening and by the next morning I'd received an email from the website owner saying that one of his users had already commented that the site was so much faster. While setting up and testing the new installation I was helped by Luxman, one of VI's hosting support team, not only did he sort any problem out, he also supplied examples of the command lines he had used. This improves my knowledge and enables me to do the job next time. Therefore, I don?t need to pester the support team so often, leaving them more time to assist those who do need their skills. I wish all hosting support teams were as forthcoming and helpful.

Andy Gilbert, Director - routeToWeb Limited

About the Customer

Has cloud killed colocation

A look into the impact virtualisation has had on the colocation industry.

High security, leading edge facilities

Virtual Internet datacentres provide a safe, secure, redundant facilities for hosting. Our datacentres are equipped with features including 24 x 7 technical support, backups for power (UPS) and advanced fire detection and suppression.

Our 40 Gigabit network brings a level of bandwidth capacity that few hosting companies can equal. At tens of billions of bits per second, our 40 Gigabit network has the potential to blow through virtually any bandwidth bottleneck. These super fast connections mean websites download without any hold-ups.

Virtual Internet employ the highest possible security features, including video surveillance.


Datacentre locations

Virtual Internet DC5, Canning Town, London

  • 10,000 square feet
  • Redundant, meshed Cisco 6500 series routers
  • Own redundant fibre to Telehouse and Goswell Road capable of up to 320Gb/s in total for total resilience
  • Peered with over 95% of LINX members for the fastest routes to UK destinations
  • 1000Mbs switch ports to all half and full rack spaces as standard
  • Datacentre manned 24/7/365 with access available at any time via secure procedure

Level 3, Goswell Road, London

  • 27,000 square feet
  • 3 separate fibre entry points
  • Multiple redundant paths and trans-Atlantic termination

C7, Lindon, Utah

  • 10,500 square feet
  • Multiple network carriers
  • SAS 70 Compliant
  • 24x7 security and digital surveillance
  • Disaster-safe location

As well as our 3 primary state-of-the art data centres

VI.NET has 20 additional points of presence (PoPs) throughout the world to host our extensive Cloud hosting network. Our Global Datacentres are located in the following countries and regions.


  • Manchester, UK
  • London, UK


  • Paris, France
  • Amsterdam, Holland
  • Frankfurt, Germany


  • San Jose, California
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Washington DC
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Atlanta, Georgia

USA & Canada

  • Montreal, Canada

Datacentre Tour

Virtual Internet uses Level 3 datacentres in the United Kingdom and C7 datacentres in the United States.

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